Question Campaign Launches Nationally

Ask questions. Ask questions of yourself. Question others. To some degree question everything. Question a little, learn something, and then dig in even deeper.

Here at we have been asking all kinds of questions in our quest to make it easier to understand important issues so that more people are empowered to do something about them.

We’ve also started a question campaign to learn your questions. We started in 2016 at Murmuration Festival and then held several discussions at Venture Cafe here in St. Louis, MO leading up to the presidential election. Now we are taking the campaign across the country. We want to know your questions on important issues. We are taking those questions back to our topic advisory panels and using them to guide what information we seek out to publish on

This is your chance to spur productive communication across the public, academia, and government agencies. Start here. Question Campaign 2016 at Murmuration Festival 2016 at Murmuration Festival 2016